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Employee monitoring software

We offer an extensive line of security software products that employers and parents can use to monitor the usage and activity of the PC. We offer employee monitoring software, helping employers keep tabs on their computers and employees work productivity.

This employee monitoring software can be used at the workplace to monitor computer activity of employees and find out if they abuse the computer and spend too much time on their personal needs. You will have details on what applications they are running and which websites they visit.

"During anytime of the work day, the last thing a boss wants to worry about is if the computer is being used properly and for work related duties only." said Detective Dominator Project Manager Clint Brown. "With Detective Dominator, we are proud of the features of the stealth keylogger that will help owners and employers track their employees' pc usage. In addition, it serves as a chat logger and im monitor, so you'll know whether or not the employee is using their email and instant messaging properly."

The product available for download is our employee monitoring software. This professional quality, stealth keylogger records all the activity and features a playback mode that allows you to view the exact sequence of everything that has occurred on the computer.

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