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Why Detective Dominator?

Detective Dominator is an award winning, professional keylogger software that is amazingly, only $30.  It remains invisible to the user and captures keystrokes, programs used, and websites visited.  It basically records all computer activity by capturing screenshots and logging all keystrokes. 

Who is this monitoring software for?

Parents, Spouses, Employers, and basically anyone who needs to know how their computer is being used.

Is it undetectable?

Yes, it doesn't show up within the applications tab within the task manager.  It is easily hidden and does provide a password protection feature for added security.  Not only is it a stealth keylogger, you may remove it from appearing within the start menu and you can remove the entry from the add/remove programs list.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, use our free trial keylogger first to get a better understanding on how our software works.  It basically works exactly like the full version, with the exception of the "would you like to purchase the full version" dialog box.

Do you offer any guarantees with your keylogger?

Yes, we believe that we have the best keylogger software for the price it is being offered at. To increase your confidence, if you are not completely satisfied with the software, you can ask for a money back guarantee.

Do you offer a discount for a bulk purchase?

Yes, we are completely flexible and would be willing to work with you to match and/or beat any competitors offer.  We urge you to compare us with the competition.   Simple contact us and ask for a quote.

How do I monitor facebook activity?

Simply set the options to capture screenshots and you will able to view virtually everything that has been typed on the wall.  Monitor facebook chat by selecting the option of capturing keystrokes.  You can view every word later by using the playback feature or by scrolling through the log file. Several options allow this software to become a player among the best facebook monitoring software tools available.

Why should I order from you?

It is only a one time fee of $29.95.  We will provide you with support for lifetime of the product and free updates.  No annual fees! 
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